"I have sent many trumpet students to Arkansas Tech over the past 12 years, and felt comfortable that they were in good hands with Gary Barrow. Having studied at the same university, we have very similar models of good solid trumpet playing. I would recommend that any trumpet player (myself included) who wants to succeed should seek this man out!"  ​Keith Wood, Free lance Trumpeter and Educator

​"I am very proud of the accomplishments he has achieved and his dedicated commitment to the success of his many students throughout his career. Dr. Barrow's dedication to teaching and his obvious love of music make him an ideal candidate for your district in many areas of music education." ​Randy Bartlett,  Executive Secretary, Texas UIL Region 25

​"Gary Barrow represents the very best in music education.I had my first lesson with Dr. Barrow when I was a ninth grader.  In the 24 years since that first lesson, Dr. Barrow has been a faithful and trusted teacher, mentor and friend.  Many of the things I do well as an educator I learned from Dr. Barrow.  I cannot think of anyone anywhere with whom I would trust my students more than Dr. Gary Barrow.                                

Ralph Brody, Band Director, Clarksville High School.